Eyeglass World

A big thank you to everyone at National Vision, Eyeglass Word, The Richards Group, Tessa Films, Treehouse, and Seymour Creatures for all the hard work and collaboration it took to create these new adventures for Mr. World. I love the challenges that come my way from Todd and Danny (agency creatives), who always want to take puppets to places where puppets have never been before. This year we took Mr. World's adventures to the next level. I prefer to shoot as much of the puppetry in camera as possible, so we actually have Mr. World on the zip-line, in the water, and dancing with a human. We even built an animatronic Mr. World in order to enable him to do things (like fly down the zip-line) while the puppeteers could control him remotely. Another big thank you to my team of puppeteers and builders who are always willing to take on these challenges and adventures.

These three photos sum up the process in a fun way for me. I like to scout the location in order to test out the puppetry before the shoot. I use my background as a puppeteer to see what's possible with the puppet and rework the storyboards with the agency if necessary. Sometimes we change shots and add new ones. Then when we have all the puppeteers and camera crew in the location there is yet another level of revision and reworking. In the edit we have a final opportunity to tweak and improve the action or adventure sequences. We are constantly working toward the most beautiful and most realistic creature animation possible. I think shooting on location with real creature/puppetry effects is essential to getting that grounded movement and realistic interaction with the setting. It's impossible to highlight everyone's incredible efforts and the many hours it took to create these spots, but I want to take a moment to credit everyone involved in the shoot. Email me if I forgot to include you or spelled your name wrong.



Client: National Vision, Inc

Senior Vice President of Marketing: Alex Louw

Director of Brand Marketing: Jeff Pierson

Agency: The Richards Group

Creative Group Head / Art Director: Todd McArtor

Creative Group Head / Writer: Danny Bryan

Principal: Dale Hruby

Brand Management: Nathan Corley

Brand Management: Blake Balser

Director of Broadcast: Greg Gibson

Business Affairs: Sara Sax


Director: Toben Seymour

President: Reid Brody

Executive Producer: Lisa Masseur

Producer: Jonah Mueller

Director of Photography: Travis Auclair

Production Manager: Devon Wright

Production Coordinator: Roland Berry

Production Designer: Tessa Posnansky

Storyboards: Rance Jones


Mr. World Lead Puppeteer / Voice: Paul McGinnis

Puppeteer Assist: Christine Papalexis

Puppeteer Assist: Greg Ballora

Puppet Wrangler: Alison Mork

Puppet Wrangler: Kristin Charney

Dancer: Brittany Cherry

Creature / Puppet

Mr. World Puppet Build: Seymour Creatures

Lead Puppet Builder: Christine Papalexis

Lead Puppet Builder + Animatronics: Greg Ballora

Lead Puppet Builder: Toben Seymour

Mr. World Lead Costumer: Carol Binion

Puppeteer Costumes: Lisa Davis

Puppet Builder: Kristin Charney

Puppet Builder: Alison Mork

Puppet Builder Mark Royston

Puppet Builder: Shanna Blaney

Puppet Costumer (Scuba / Shark Bait): Jocelyn Lynch

Scuba Puppet Props: Anuardi J Cantre Santiago

Puppet Costumer (Scuba and Zipline Harness): Gillian Hunt

Puppet Fabrics by Puppet Pelts


1st AD: Mike Hart

2nd AD: Jeff Cobb

1st AC: Jared Wennberg

2nd AC: Colleen Haley

DIT: Will Chung

Gaffer: Drew Valenti

BB Electric: Zane Blanchard

Electric: Laura Pearson

Electric Hyphenate: Jorge Covarrubias

Key Grip: Chris Bauer

Hyphenate: Will Gonzalez

Grip: Derek Dipippo

Grip: Joel Bezemer

Prop Master: Tomas Kirk

Props Assist: Sean Veale

Set Decorator: Jack Lewis

Costumer (for humans): Elise Velasco

2nd Costumer: Tess O’melia

Hair / MU: Noa Bolozky

Script Supervisor: Ana Maria Quintana

VTR: Evan Johnson

Sound Mixer: Bobby Fisk

Gang Boss: Steven Chatelain

Location Scout: Kevin Briles

Van Driver: Andrew Enriquez

Van Driver Danny Feather

Moho Driver: Kevin Barrett

PA: David Morales

PA: Rob Reaves

PA: Trevor Hugle

PA: Justin Pool

PA: Russel Griffith

PA: Nathan Zasada

PA: Ty Dorcey

PA: Michael Waters

Craft Service: Alla Rockwell

Medic: Michael Smith

Drone pilot: Davis DiLillo

Drone Camera Op: Andrew Mackenzie

Drone Tech: Evan Mobley