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Toben Seymour is a director based in Santa Monica, CA.

Director. Puppet Builder. Animator. Puppeteer. Toben’s work is continually surprising and surprisingly sweet. In fact, as a native of the Midwest, so is he. Innovative stories are his playground, from a documentary short for Mercedes-Benz featuring the fashion world's favorite sound director Michel Gaubert and his “mini-me” puppet assistant, to a Funny or Die music video where a young blue yeti creature and Jon Hamm are traveling buddies. He has also taken a puppet named Mr. World bull riding, dancing, and even scuba diving. Toben most recently worked with Andy Davenport and Bento Box directing episodes for Moon and Me. Before that he worked with The Jim Henson Company's digital puppetry studio, directing two episodes of Splash And Bubbles, that aired on PBS Kids in early 2017. A true multi-hyphenate, Toben works expertly across live action, animation, and puppetry, for film, TV, commercials, and music videos. He’s experienced and adept at many styles of puppetry and animation including: hand and rod puppetry (Muppet style), shadow puppetry, miniature / table-top puppetry, Bunraku, rod puppetry, marionette, stop motion animation, and computer animation / VFX. He has directed work for a wide variety of clients and talent including: Mercedes-Benz, Lenovo, General Electric, Norah Jones,, Moby, and Aesop Rock, among many others.