Directed by Toben Seymour

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos and full credit list coming soon... Many thanks to all the talented people who helped make these spots come to life.

Eyeglass World

Spacewalk, Sidecar, and Superhero.

Directed by Toben Seymour

Agency: The Richards Group

Produced by Tessa Films

Cinematography: Travis Auclair

Mr. World voice and lead puppeteer: Paul McGinnis

Puppeteer assist: Christine Papalexis and Greg Ballora

Mr. World Puppet Build by Seymour Creatures

Executive Producer: Lisa Masseur

Producer: Jonah Mueller

Assistant Director: Marius Vilunas

Production Design: Tessa Posnansky

Puppet Captain: Greg Ballora

Lead Builders: Christine Papalexis, Kristin Charney, Greg Ballora, Alison Mork, Adrian Leonard, Shanna Blaney, Julian Ledger, and Toben Seymour

Puppet Costumes by Carol Binion


Eyeglass World