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Eyeglass World

2021 presented many challenges, but none as fun as directing these spots with Mr. World and Eyeglass World. Not only did we create Covid-safe shooting conditions, we also tackled some difficult actions with Mr. World. Puppetry by Paul McGinnis, Christine Papalexis, and Greg Ballora. Tessa Films production. Cinematography by Travis Auclair. Many thanks to everyone who helped on this job. Puppets by #SeymourCreatures

Directed by Toben Seymour

Puppets by Seymour Creatures

Puppeteers: Paul McGinnis, Christine Papalexis, and Greg Ballora

Cinematographer Travis Auclair

Production Design by Tessa Posnansky

Executive Producer Lisa Masseur

Producer Jonah Mueller

Puppet Wranglers: Alison Mork, Kristin Charney, Shana Blaney

Costumes by Michele Dunn and Carol Binion