Directed by Toben Seymour

Produced by

Michel Gaubert & Fashion's Favorite Puppet - Mercedes-Benz original

To have your personal Puppet Assistant might be the next big thing to have in fashion. If you're not convinced yet, meet Petit Michel in the new episode of our Fashion Creatives series. Petit Michel is not only the personal assistant of fashion industry's much loved sound director Michel Gaubert, but also a true friend. Now it's time for Petit Michel to show the world that he is more than just a puppet and to make his mark in the fashion world. For the first time he will represent Michel Gaubert at an official event, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2016 – big times for our little friend and a real honor as he says. Just right before his fashion debut we meet Petit Michel together with his boss Michel Gaubert in LA for a personal interview. Here the two friends catch some sunshine and drive around the city in an iconic Mercedes-Benz 1970 280SEL before the new fashion season kicks off.

Petit Michel Puppetry by Victor Yerrid

Puppet by Seymour Creatures